Happy New Year

January 2020

There are four new paintings for the website.

“Shepherd’s delight” came about from my drive home from art group during the summer and there was the most spectacular sunset incorporating the most brilliant colours at Foxcombe Hill, Lewdown, Devon. We had all admired it as we left the hall after our art meetingbut as I drove home in the closing dusk and approached the brow of the hill, I was blinded by the brilliance of light that sillouetted the trees and the hedgerow. That’s a must I thought!

“Breaking light” was inspired by the many wonderful sky and cloud formations I have seen on the Cornish coast. Some are threatening, others uplifting, but all wonderful.

“Crackington Haven” is my biggest project yet, measuring 750 x 600mm. I took Holly my Labrador there for a swim one day and was facinated by the incoming tide. It was not a bright day, but the sea was calm with encouraging light on the horizon. I suppose things can only get bigger – maybe the next challenge!

“Winter Robin” was my first return to watercolour in 10 years a diversion from my current Acrylic medium, but I thought it appropriate for Christmas and turned out a number of Christmas cards besides a few prints.

My plan is to venture further along the coast and out into the countryside to cover a wider range of subjects, so watch this space.

Best wishes for a happy new year to all.

Kind regards,


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