November 2022

Hi everyone, 

I am pleased to reveal my latest completed painting, “Glory of the Sea”. It is a celebration of the power of the sea and a study of movement. Inspired by my observation of the local coast, it was …

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August 2022

Hi to all,

Would you believe it Summer has almost been and gone.

Following the very successful Delamore Arts Exhibition, near Ivybridge in May, when I sold an original painting, Drawn to the Valley held the Summer Exhibition at the  …

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May 2022

Hi to you all,

Welcome to Spring and some fine weather too, after a rather stormy start to the year!

In August/ September last year, I held a very successful Open Studio event at my studio, in connection with the …

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August 2021

Well what a time it has been in the last 18 months. Little did we know what was to happen to us all. I shall not dwell on that, but am sure we all look forward to safe, happier times …

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April 2020

After a long, wet winter, I am sure we all looked forward to sunshine and the joys of spring. Little did we know what dreadful situation awaited us. I hope you are well and safe in lockdown and taking good …

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Happy New Year

January 2020

There are four new paintings for the website.

“Shepherd’s delight” came about from my drive home from art group during the summer and there was the most spectacular sunset incorporating the most brilliant colours at Foxcombe Hill, Lewdown, …

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Welcome to my blog

Hi ! and welcome,

These are exciting times – not only welcome to my blog, but welcome to the launch of my website! Yes, its brand new and I am delighted to be able to share my paintings with you. …

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