July 2023

Hi All,

November seems a long way away since I last commented. What with a very wet winter, a wet spring, scorching June, but hey, what happened to the scorching summer. I find myself amongst the rain and drizzle of a not so perfect July summer! Nevertheless, good painting weather so keep smiling!

There are some new paintings for you to see. I am indebted to Ben Attfield who has a drone camera and managed to take a fabulous photo of “Ladies Window” at Trevalga, Boscastle.

It’s a natural opening in the cliff face and Ben flew his drone through the gap to take the picture. He very kindly gave me permission to paint the scene with my interpretation in acrylic.

The result is a large painting which I hope you like. It was challenging, but I enjoyed detailing the rock structures and the bright sunlight illuminating the rocks.

“Land meets the Sea” is a loose interpretation of breaking waves on the rocks. I enjoyed representing the movement and colours of the sea.

“Solitude” represents the peace and tranquillity of an isolated beach. A study of sunlight and shadows and distant vistas.

“Hebridean Encounter” is in a similar theme and I hope it captures the beauty of our natural world and gives a feeling of peace.

“New Polzeath”, a place dear to my heart with many happy memories of my children, now grown up, but when they were very young. I love the movement of water amongst the rocks and the colours of the sea, which I hope I have been able to capture.

More are on the way, so it’s back to the studio, oh and it’s just stopped raining.

Very best wishes to all,


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